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Our Happy Winners

8.19.2017 · Name T.B.A.

I needed a pick me up and this movie delivered in spades. Filled with humour, adventure and creativity. I loved that as an animated movie, it didn't rely on CGI to make it fun. It used plain old fashioned story telling and creativity. Jackie Chan's voice and the depiction of the kung-fu mice gang was inspired!! The final battle scenes between man and beast was a riot! I chortled as much as the 4 year old kid beside me!! Go see it!

tashariff@@ 8.16.2017   reply age: 36   139 reviews

8.16.2017 · Alex Lee

An absolute powerhouse of a movie. It is an emotional roller coaster but is presented really well with a bunch of different time lines that are easy to follow. The acting by all is fantastic.

al_luk@@ 8.12.2017   reply age: 36   188 reviews

8.15.2017 · Name T.B.A.

Holy moly! This is very scary and not for kiddos! Had us scream and bolt out of our seats a few times. This is much better than the first one in the franchise. Wow! A sweet ride if you like to be scared from dolls and young girls a la Rosemary's Baby. And very slick production and the music alone is worth the seat price.

joel@@ 8.13.2017   reply age: 26   362 reviews

8.12.2017 · Brenda Morton

If you are not a Stephen King "Constant Reader", you may like this movie. If you are, then be prepared to see something where Sai King has forgotten the face of his father (and so did Ron Howard in producing this mess.) The casting was decent. Some of the visuals were good, but the script... oh my gosh... terrible. I know this is an adaptation, and I was hoping for something as good as Shawshank and Green Mile... but I was sorely disappointed. There was homage to many of Kings other books, which was good, but maybe they could have spent more time expanding this movie? Looks like there will be sequels, but not sure if I will go see them. I'm going to go read the books again. For the 19th time. Erase the memory of this movie from my mind.

bl.morton@@ 8.11.2017   reply age: 50   250 reviews

8.11.2017 · Name T.B.A.

I though the story line was a little old but even so the special effects were wonderful. I will buy this when it comes out on bluray.

mhowell7@@ 8.5.2017   reply age: 50   2 reviews

8.9.2017 · Name T.B.A.

It's been over 20 years since I read any of the Black Tower books... and I can't remember a thing about them. So, I went into the movie with no preconceptions... and... I liked it. First off, Idris Elba is a great actor, and anything he's in is getting an automatic 5, at least. The biggest problem I had with the movie is that it felt a bit rushed. There was a lot going on and it basically jumped into the story half way through, and was over just as you were getting settled in. Regardless, I enjoyed the movie. I have no idea how they are going to get sequels out of this but there is certainly enough material from King to work with. Worth seeing it on the big screen.

joe.kanuck@@ 8.8.2017   reply age: 50   185 reviews

8.8.2017 · Scott Phillips

This could have been a lot better... They kept jumping amongst 4 different stories... Would have been better if they gave some back ground and stuck with 1 or 2 main stories.

magnateataxia@@ 8.6.2017   reply age: 36   249 reviews

8.5.2017 · Barry Legh

Great entertainment! I haven't laughed that much at a movie in a long long time. A bit counter-intuitive I suppose, but the writers and staff are quite eccentric but so committed to the notion of producing great news. It was sooo interesting!

glegh@@ 8.2.2017   reply age: 50   119 reviews

8.2.2017 · Claude Larocque

In the chick flic category but not sucky. There are funny as well as sad and emotional moments. It also has food for thought relating to different generations and etnicities. All in all an enjoyable movie.

elaroc2478@@ 8.1.2017   reply age: 50   278 reviews

8.1.2017 · Ben Mortlock

I was expecting a female John Wick but this was a more typical spy movie. NOC List, Double Agent etc. James Macavoy was the best part as Percival the Berlin Station Cheif. It seems like there will be a sequel given the surprise ending I will definitely see it as well.

bmubersoldat52@@ 7.29.2017   reply age: 26   82 reviews

7.29.2017 · Darrell Simpson

Well first up Tom Cruise NOR Brad Pitt were in this one so those Haters have nothing to say... and likely won't. I was really looking forward to this one... but came away still wondering how I really felt about it. The constant 2-3 minutes of switching between the 3-4 storylines was rather annoying. I get why they were doing it but this caused it to drag on more than helped IMO. As some points already touched on... the other thing that stood out was how quiet things were. Now maybe when they Germans were still far away from the beach... but even during the evacuation you hardly heard any gunfire or explosions... I guess budget considerations. The movie had some cool scenes like the aerial combat... but at times it didn't really appear to be very realistic. I would assume by the time the Battle of Britain came along the RAF could shoot straighter. They didn't spend a ton of money on Script Writers... because there pretty much wasn't any to speak of. You could watch the Foreign Language versions and not really miss anything... For me, one scene summarizes it all. That was when those soldiers were in the hole of the boat being shot at. With 50 bullet holes and the ship starting to sink... they start shouting "PLUG THE HOLES!!"... so they try... WITH THEIR HANDS... OMG... that scene sunk the ship for me.

h009291@@ 7.22.2017   reply age: 50   373 reviews

7.26.2017 · Charlotte Wilton

I thought this movie was absolutely gripping. The format and approach was unlike anything I've seen before and I really enjoyed it. The casting is dead on. Cinematography brilliant. I would highly recommend it.

charrywilton@@ 7.26.2017   reply age: 36   93 reviews

7.25.2017 · Darren Boucher

A Nolan masterpiece. Imax is a must. MUST. The tension throughout is masterful, unbelievably effective with little, but the mind, and a few steady beats. Very little blood. No body parts flying everywhere. No heads popping. I don't want to give anything away. You feel like you're in the battle, struggling with everyone else to survive. No one went to the washroom. Nobody moved. It was gripping. Can't wait for a second viewing. I saw it in 70mm, not that I know the difference. I'll see it in regular Imax next weekend, then I'll know. I lucked out with a single seat, right in the middle, best seat in the house. Lol, I stumbled in after the opening credits and bulldozed my way over like fifteen people. Every person was bumped, stepped on and tripped over. It was like I was in a TV show, it was so funny. Everyone was so mad. Thought I'd share that one.

stanlee@@ 7.24.2017   reply age: 36   262 reviews

7.22.2017 · Francois Le Page

It is a remarkable movie because not only it reminds us the horror of war, but you feel like being part of that episode. A lot of people died but the survivors will see their lives changed for ever. You truly feel their fear and their helplessness through great actors that I did not know for the most part. The soundtrack is very efficient putting you in the ambiance during the 2 hours. The scenario is well written with a good rhythm; you never get bored. Overall, it is a must see movie if not only to learn a little more about our history.

lepagef@@ 7.22.2017   reply age: 50   7 reviews

7.21.2017 · John E Brennan

Worthwhile, character-driven film about the [...] most of us have inside of us. The biggest question the Hero offers: Can people really change? Movies ask this over and over, and the Hero asks it well. The standout for me was Laura Prepon, though Sam Elliott is, as expected, very strong. She was spot on in every way, even in the moments the script threw her character under the bus.

keystone@@ 7.3.2017   reply age: 50   23 reviews

7.19.2017 · Connor Webb

War for the Planet of the Apes is not as brilliant as its predecessor Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, but nonetheless it will not disappoint people who enjoy these types of films (such as myself) and it is an extremely strong conclusion to this rebooted Planet of the Apes trilogy.

guiseppe@@ 7.16.2017   reply age: 13   343 reviews

7.18.2017 · Donna Owens

STEP exceeded my expectations! Variety has called it ““Hoop Dreams” for the social media generation.” I was skeptical - another doc on the marginalize. But this is different thanks to the filmmaker – who entertained while documenting a slice of life for this group of students, parents and their teachers. See it!

djowens@@ 7.12.2017   reply age: 50   30 reviews

7.15.2017 · Robert Koszycki

You would think that with a title like Baby Driver this would be a movie for kids. Well, this is one movie you shouldn't be taking your little one's to see. This is a cool and slick crime film with one catchy tune after the other as cars go racing through the streets hauling hot loot. The big screens have been playing a lot of major disappointments these last few weeks but Baby Driver delivers the goods and is a breath of fresh air from what we've been seeing.

robertanatol@@ 7.12.2017   reply age: 50   179 reviews

7.14.2017 · Eleanor Gale

Powerful content, outstanding direction and acting, storyline is a sign of the times... yes, I will see it again...

epalmgale@@ 7.8.2017   reply age: 50   2 reviews

7.12.2017 · J Sandquist

I'm fascinated by period movies - especially those that are well done, and this one was. What made this movie less than a nine, was the plot. It was a long movie for the short elapsed time of the events (DDay) that were portrayed. Churchill's character arc seemed a little unbelievable. He appeared unsympathetic for 7/8 of the film, and then very loving and considerate for the last 10 minutes or so.

jsottawa2001@@ 7.6.2017   reply age: 50   86 reviews

7.8.2017 · David Baxter

Very powerful storytelling of a very influential man in the history of the world, not being history student am not sure how many liberties they did with the facts. Had you wondering whether he was a sly fox or a stubborn old man.

david.baxter@@ 7.5.2017   reply age: 50   329 reviews

7.7.2017 · Denise Holmes

Sentimental, beautiful scenery, excellent acting by two main characters, incredible story. Love, love, loved it!

denisethed@@ 7.7.2017   reply age: 50   9 reviews

7.5.2017 · Elias Saikaley

I really enjoyed the suspense and tension that it gave me. Always wondered what would happen next. I do recommend this movie, but I DON'T recommend that adventure!!!

elias@@ 7.2.2017   reply age: 36   53 reviews

7.1.2017 · Andy Mathieu

Amazing action movie. Although I am not a fan of today's comedy, I did like the humour in this movie. I think the scene of Statham and the baby stole the show. I laughed so much. You'll see why.

andy@@ 6.29.2017   reply age: 36   140 reviews

6.28.2017 · Heather Mitchell

I enjoyed the first part of the movie with the Amazons and those battle scenes. Once they left the island it wasn't as interesting. I don't think Chris Pine had any charisma in this movie. I did like him in Star Trek and he was excellent in Come Hell or High Water. Gal Gadot was a good choice I thought. The fight scenes at the end were unnecessarily long. A fun movie if you like superhero movies.

barrhavenmom@@ 6.23.2017   reply age: 36   40 reviews

6.27.2017 · Sean Shannon

I watched this movie the day it came out on Netflix and it was another hilarious Kevin James movie but this 1 he gets stuck in a killing triangle. I don't like how it's only on Netflix tho.

seancena@@ 6.25.2017   reply age: 13   71 reviews

6.24.2017 · Bob Pitcher

Bah... brutal. Didn't enjoy this at all. All her actions in response to the threat were pretty foolish. And the premise of, done before and done better. Mostly predictable, and no real tense scenes that had me on the edge. I really don't know how this was as highly rated as it was.

rob@@ 6.21.2017   reply age: 36   166 reviews

6.23.2017 · Sherry Huntley

The animation was very good, could be a little scary for small ones. But still a great movie for about 8 and up.

mitsher@@ 6.23.2017   reply age: 50   7 reviews

6.21.2017 · Julie Cordasco

I love this movie. The acting was very good. Kate Mara did a great job. All the characters were very believable. I would definitely recommend this movie!

julie@@ 6.17.2017   reply age: 50   38 reviews

6.20.2017 · Harley Gordon

A nice surprise that a "One Of" style movie could be so satisfying. Much better than The Force Awakens, Rogue One was a treat. One of the best installments in the Star Wars universe.

harley17gordon@@ 6.19.2017   reply age: 50   218 reviews

6.17.2017 · Dmitry Miranovich

Very entertaining movie and great action. I liked almost everything. But if Tom was not repeating "What? " all the time and if not his "Who are you? " following him from movie to movie, I'd give it a 10. Also, both women's acting is amazing!

qwert7@@ 6.14.2017   reply age: 50   28 reviews

6.14.2017 · Jerry Destounis

Lion is a moving biographical drama. This is a profound movie dealing with family, identity, loss, and love. The directing of this project by Garth Davis is superb. The acting by Dev Patel, Sunny Pawar, Abhishek Bharate, Priyanka Bose, and the rest of the cast are first rate. The film was shot in Australia and India which allowed for excellent cinematography. This is a powerful true story you will remember for a long time.

bluestar10129@@ 6.13.2017   reply age: 36   222 reviews

6.13.2017 · Shirley Bond

I enjoyed the movie and thought it was well cast. When I saw the boots, red turtle neck and skirt I was so excited -- I though wow were styling after the Linda Carter Wonder Woman, right on!! Unfortunately we were not. I didn't like that most of the movie was a flashback to WWI, even though the art direction for that time is pretty stunning! It was a bit hard to care about the characters because I expected a jump to the present where the narrative began... Also WWI feels a lot like WWII and Nazi Germany with the evil scientist conducting cruel experiments. That being said Gal Gadot is a pretty awesome Wonder Woman and looks great in the gear!

shirleypearl007@@ 6.10.2017   reply age: 36   168 reviews

6.10.2017 · Elizabeth Dubec

Wonderful take on the Wonder Woman story drawing from the original stories by William Moulton Marston who originally created the character. This is a very different superhero with many stereotypically feminine attributes focusing on love and protection as the source of her strength. I loved how inherently powerful and confident Wonder Woman's fighting style was. She truly is a force to be reckoned with. Such a great addition to the DC cinematic world.

elizard100@@ 6.3.2017   reply age: 36   25 reviews

6.7.2017 · Sonja Hodgins

I loved the movie from beginning to end... saw the war through her eyes... special effects were great... loved the humor and the romance... She made the perfect Wonder Woman!

glitter@@ 6.6.2017   reply age: 50   31 reviews

6.6.2017 · John Gregor

It wasn't brilliant but it didn't suck. They managed to make Wonder Woman look stunningly beautiful in what is objectively speaking a ridiculous costume. Expect to see a LOT of those costumes at Halloween, not just WW but also some of the other Amazon getups from on the island. Could have been 30 minutes shorter by stripping away a few extraneous plot and storytelling elements and tightening up a few of the scenes. The action scenes are worthy of any self-respecting summer blockbuster. The movie takes itself a little too seriously. Definitely worth seeing in the theater, but not in 3D. There are a few annoying sjw elements that I wish they had left out simply because it needlessly politicizes what is really just a fun and entertaining summer movie.

johngregor@@ 6.4.2017   reply age: 36   27 reviews

6.3.2017 · David Ouellette

The new Alien movie is more cerebral than scary. A well thought out plot shows how the alien creatures came into being on the planet in the first place. Michael Fassbender plays a pivotal/duel role as synthetic robots, David who is evil and Walter who is good. One wins out at the end but you'll have to see for yourself what happens, which affects the plot. The suspense in the movie is great and the aliens are back in all their darkness. One gripe about the movie: the F**K word was used so often that I lost count of it. Was this script written by juveniles who are just learning how to swear? I'm not a prude but characters can express themselves without a lot of cussing and swearing. What could have been a classy movie was partially ruined by too much foul language. But good movie on the whole.

david.from.windsor@@ 5.27.2017   reply age: 50   28 reviews

5.31.2017 · Martin Arganaraz

Only if you're a fan of the Alien films. This continues what happened with Prometheus film, although to make the link clear you might need to watch the prologue that is available online as well the final supper of the crew where you'll get an idea of the characters. It is a shame it wasn't included in the film. But there you go. Lot of actions and we have many answers and new questions.

martin@@ 5.28.2017   reply age: 36   16 reviews

5.30.2017 · Darrell Simpson

Some people are bored if there isn't full out brainless action for 120 minutes straight. This was a great movie full of suspense. No... it wasn't Saving Private Ryan. Some people just don't get it. Well done. I loved it.

h009291@@ 5.29.2017   reply age: 50   373 reviews

5.27.2017 · Erik Marken

Loved it. Some people don't like this movie. I think it's because they don't understand how Guy Ritchie 'moves'. It's actually brilliant. Go home and watch Snatch.

moviegoer@@ 5.22.2017   reply age: 50   74 reviews

5.24.2017 · Mike MacKinnon

Movie was okay. I liked seeing Goldie on the screen again. Some of it was pretty crude, but expected that with Amy in the movie, and I saw the trailers. Short, don't think it crossed the 1 hr 30 mark, even with the thanking the fans part by Amy/Goldie before the movie started.

huskymike@@ 5.19.2017   reply age: 50   383 reviews

5.23.2017 · Benoit Ménard

J'ai beaucoup aimé ce film que j'ai vu après avoir lu le roman, j'aime les histoires de sous-marins et cette intrigue, au summum de la guerre froide et de la technologie nucléaire est très bien livrée grâce surtout au jeu de messieurs Connery et Baldwin.

kaprikorne@@ 5.20.2017   reply age: 50   1st review


A lot of people can't seem to understand that some movies are based on true events and hence rate it without knowing that. Having said that, this movie was meaningful and full of information about how it came to be legalized; - Inter marriages back then. It was because of these couple that paved the roads for others to come. It may have been slow but it was based back in the day.

shazjoao@@ 5.16.2017   reply age: 26   2665 reviews

5.16.2017 · Denis Uhl

I saw this movie today and after reading the previous reviewers comments I had to think. Did I see the same movie? I'm not going to wax elequent, suffice to say, I thought it was well done. I don't go to a movie with the intent of looking for picayune errors. I go to be entertained, and with this film I was. Go see it.

denis@@ 5.15.2017   reply age: 50   34 reviews

5.13.2017 · Virginia Chau

Totally fun and action-packed film by Guy Ritchie! Never have I seen scenes like some of those in this amazing film - incredibly creative and ground-breaking. It is worth every penny. Charlie Hunnam is an overnight global success.

ginnie@@ 5.12.2017   reply age: 36   68 reviews

5.9.2017 · NANCY HALL

The movie has been filmed with integrity and sympathy. You need a kleenex or two for this movie. On one hand is evil and on the other hand is tremendous courage.

nancy.hall@@ 5.7.2017   reply age: 50   50 reviews

5.3.2017 · Helena Huang

Wow this movie was spectacular. As someone who has only heard about Beauty and the Beast but never really finished watching the old 1991 movie ( I know Snow White, Cinderella, Mulan etc. but never watched Beauty and the Beast in full), I now finally know the story of Beauty and the Beast. The songs were brilliant, only complaint is that they were a little too loud my ears still hurt 5 hrs later lol... I guess maybe it has to due with sitting in the fourth row of the theatre. Music really keeps you on the edge of your seat. There were many funny moments as well. I would definitely recommend this movie to all Disney Princess fans. Emma Watson was the perfect Belle, she was even born in Paris, just like Belle and looks exactly like the animated Belle, wonder why her parents didn't name her Belle.

helena@@ 5.3.2017   reply age: 18   50 reviews

4.26.2017 · Jerry Tomljenovic

The story... true to form. The cinematography... OUTSTANDING. While based on the armenian genocide, it seems to place more emotional emphasis on the struggles of a love triangle. More emphasis could have been placed on evoking the emotional impact of this tragedy. Schindlers List, Saving Private Ryan, Life is Beautiful, The Pianist...

firefighterlax@@ 4.26.2017   reply age: 36   39 reviews

4.25.2017 · Roberto Gasparini

Very creative way to talk about religious concept without being a religious film. The storyline is touching and sweet. A movie about healing, forgiveness and love.

rgasparinijr@@ 4.24.2017   reply age: 36   82 reviews

4.22.2017 · Richard Rix

Loved this movie, well paced and beautifully acted. There are some inconsistencies in how the story is told (such as why the parents wanted precious letters to be read aloud to them only once); and maybe the ending is cheesy though forgivable.

cinnamonsticker@@ 4.21.2017   reply age: 50   31 reviews

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