The Host

The Host Pictures from the movie The Host
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GenreSci-fi thriller
DirectorAndrew Niccol
Saoirse Ronan
Diane Kruger
William Hurt
Max Irons
Jake Abel
Frances Fisher

StudioOpen Road Films

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The Host is a story of love and sacrifice in a futuristic world with the fate of humanity at stake. Planet Earth has been taken over by peaceful aliens, known as Souls. Most of the human race has become hosts for the Souls, their minds taken over but their bodies remaining intact.

Melanie, one of a small band of human resistance, is caught by The Seeker, a peacekeeper responsible for defending this new race from the last of the humans. After a desperate struggle, a Soul named Wanderer is surgically implanted into Melanie's body.

Wanderer is warned about the challenges of living inside a human; the overwhelming emotions, passions, the too-vivid memories, but there is one difficulty that she didn't expect: the former tenant of her body refusing to relinquish possession of her mind.

The Seeker hounds Wanderer to extract information from Melanie's memory to learn the whereabouts of the human renegades, which include Melanie's lover, Jared, her 11-year-old brother, Jamie, Ian, the man Wanderer is destined to love, and her Uncle, Jeb. But Melanie's strong will convinces the reluctant Wanderer to be her ally and they set off on a dangerous search to save her family, and the men they both come to love.

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