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2009. 1h40m. Psychological drama directed by Aaron Schneider.
PG-13 Guide for parents: offensive language.



For decades a legend has haunted the foothills of the East Tennessee Appalachians. The stories about the shotgun-wielding recluse are legion. Some say Felix Bush (Duvall) has killed men with his fists and at 70 years old he still looks as if could and would. When he comes down from the hills, people treat him like something wild until he disappears again into the mountain mist. A few people remember when he was a bright and restless young man with dreams of seeing the world. What could have possibly happened to him? No one knows because he has never said. Everyone thought he would take his secret to the grave. They were almost right. But now the fierce hermit is putting on a funeral... for himself! Everyone is invited. Based on a true story, 10 thousand people have arrived to hear the local legend unearth the shocking truth of a 40 year-old secret.


Robert DuvallFelix Bush
Sissy SpacekMattie Darrow
Bill MurrayFrank Quinn
Bill CobbsRev. Charlie Jackson
Nick SearcyDinner Game Guest

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