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    Original titleNackt
    Original lang.German
    Run time1h40m
    Directed byDoris Dörrie
    Written byDoris Dörrie
    One review7.0


    Emilia and Felix, Annette and Boris, and Charlotte and Dylan have been close friends for years. But the good old days are long gone. Emilia and Felix have recently broken up and are still going through the pangs of separation. Felix is financially strapped, whereas Dylan's overnight success on the stock market has made him and his beautiful wife, Charlotte, fabulously rich, though definitely not any happier. Annette and Boris seem happy enough at first glance - but are they really? And what is happiness anyway? What is love? How do men and women cope with each others' dreams and dashed hopes? How do they communicate their deepest desires? Just what is it all about? One night, a high stakes, spur-of-the-moment wager - whether two of the couples, blindfolded, can pick out their respective naked partners using only their hands - teaches them all more than they ever wanted to know about pheromones, the sense of touch, and what's aching to get out of those jeans. Being naked is more than just taking your clothes off.


    Heike Makatsch
    Benno Fürmann
    Alexandra Maria Lara
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