The Secret of Moonacre

Total score  6.0


2009. 1h43m. Adventure directed by Gabor Csupo.


The Secret of Moonacre is an enchanting tale of magic and adventure, following the quest of 13-year-old orphan Maria Merryweather who is sent away to live with her uncle Sir Benjamin in the mysterious Moonacre Manor. It is there Maria uncovers a dark and mysterious truth behind the feud that has been destroying Moonacre Valley and that she has only until the next full moon to undo the ancient curse and save Moonacre from destruction. Aided by a stable of wonderful characters and magical beasts, Maria sets out to bring peace to this magical world.


Dakota Blue RichardsMaria Merryweather
Juliet StevensonMiss Heliotrope
Tim CurryCoeur De Noir
Augustus PrewRobin De Noir
Natascha McElhoneLoveday
Ioan GruffuddSir Benjamin Merryweather · Sir Wrolf Merryweather

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The Secret of Moonacre photo
The Secret of Moonacre photo

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